Oscar San Cristóbal

Oscar San Cristóbal

Currently 4th Dan Aikikai Tokyo, began practicing Aikido in 1995, in Madrid, within the Spanish Federation from Rafael Regaño, 5th Dan. Just one year later, the Federation invited to give a seminar in Madrid to the French Master formed in Japan, Franck Noël (7th Dan Aikikai) which will assist Oscar, being profoundly impressed by the technical quality and high level of execution of the Master Noël.

From that moment Oscar follow to teaching French Master (From whom he has received the degrees you own) throughout the Spanish and French geography during his seminars as well as small regular stays of a fortnight to a month in his Dojo La Roseraie located in Toulouse..


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Oscar y Jose María Sevilleja,4 Dan en Mirepoix (Francia) 2007


In 2001 Oscar make his first trip to Japan (lasting one month), for the sole purpose of practicing in the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, central headquarters of world Aikido, which in effect will practice daily with all the great masters that there are taught especially with Endo Seishiro (8th Dan), Yasuno Masatoshi (8th Dan), Osawa Hayato (7th Dan), also going to practice with them in the universities where they also teach: (Mejiro in the case of Endo Sensei, and Ogikubo and Hatagaya in Yasuno Sensei).

JAPON 2001 001

Hombu Dojo 2001


The next visit to the central headquarters will be in 2009, again for a month, and more focused work this time in practice with Endo and Yasuno, Miyamoto and teachers Kuribayashi. He has also attended seminars with other great masters in Europe such as Christian Tissier, Bruno Zanotti and Alain Tendron among others.


Junto a Franck Noël shihan, en el Dojo de la Roseraie, el día de mi regreso a España.


Oscar then fly to Toulouse (France) for three seasons, specifically La Roseraie Dojo where he arrived to arise to the opportunity to deepen their formation, to be able to practice daily teaching Franck Noël, (who teaches regular classes in this Dojo he founded), with a much longer than previous stay.

Thus, during that time, (2011-12 amd 13) also reside in the Dojo and attend classes daily, morning and evening, which in Japan is known as Uchideshi (resident student), He has accompanied the French master in several of his seminars in Europe, having had the opportunity to attend exclusive courses for teachers that the teacher taught in several countries. (For Example. in Prague, Czech Republic).

Paris 032011 058

Con el maestro en París 2011.

We recall that by choice of Oscar, will spend his first 11 years of practice only dedicated to their formation without worrying about acquiring degrees; It will be after 11 years, during one of his stays in Toulouse and animated by Noël teacher (who knows his history well) when Oscar start updating their administrative status through the Aikikai and the Spanish Federation, having decided to devote himself to transmission this art.


Seminario del maestro Noël en la Republica Checa 2012.

Following the principle of the Do (way or path), Oscar continuous formation and recycling continues to attend all national and international seminars of interest to teachers and going like every year the intensive summer course of one week the teacher taught in Estavar Noël (France).

Returns to Spain in the summer of 2013 and continues the teaching of Aikido. Being one of the few practitioners of Aikido in Spain devoted entirely to teaching this martial art, Aikido school creates San Cristobal, where such plans to propose Aikido classes for children in French.

Contact: aikidosancristobal@gmail.com


Facebook: Aikido San Cristóbal Almeria



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